Using card counting is something that was traditional an unknown, less talked about and dangerous tactic for a player to use. In the old days of Las Vegas gambling, casinos that caught a player using the strategy usually banned them and taught them a lesson for trying to “steal” money from the casino. The real truth is that although casinos absolutely hate card counters, the principle and strategy of card counting is completely legal as it uses your mind and not an electronic device, which is illegal. Card counting uses tracking of cards and values to help players determine the optimal time to place larger wagers. By doing this, the player increases their advantage quite significantly and in many cases can beat the house for an extended period of time. Because of this, the strategy is obviously an enemy to the casino and many card counters have has to figure out subtle ways to disguise their methods from casino security.

As mentioned before, card counting works by assigning a value to all cards in a deck and tacking them to form what is known as the count. Using the count, a player can determine when the best time to place larger wagers would be. The count runs in a plus-minus format with the higher the count meaning the better chance that the player will win. This is because the lower value cards have already been dealt out so there is a better chance that the player will receive a high value card when the count is high. The chart below illustrates the values assigned to the cards in the Hi-Lo card counting strategy and this schedule of values is used to determine the given count of a shoe in any one session.

Hi-Lo Card Counting 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A

Value of Cards 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1

As the cards are dealt to the player, he or she would use this ranking system to keep track of the cards coming out of the deck and formulate the count in their mind. As you can imagine, holding and keeping track of the count in a busy casino is extremely difficult and because of this only very few people can effectively count a deck of ทางเข้า789bet cards with the fuss and clutter of most live casinos. Nonetheless there have been quite a few people who have beat the casinos by mastering this strategy and properly tracking the flow of cards. Let’s take a look at how card counting would work in a live casino situation involving a professional counter.

Card Counting In Casinos

In casino card counting, there are usually 3 or more people involved but for this example let’s assume that 3 people are participating in the scam. The three people would be comprised of the counter, spotter and fake player. What would happen is the three would enter the casino and take up strategic positions whereby they could all see each other. Next, the fake player would sit down and play very low limits at a table while keeping track of the cards and maintaining the count. Once the count at that particular table was significantly in the other counters favour, the fake player would signal them with a sneeze, arm crossing, or some other method to get their attention.

At this point what happens is the new counter comes to the table and knowing that the table is hot will start placing very large wagers as the fake player has already let them know that the deck is running great. While this is all going on the spotter is making sure that none of the casino security staff are wise to the switch and that everything goes smoothly. Should the spotter notice that security has been alerted, they will notify the table through a signal and hightail it out of there as not to be banned.

So there you have it, the ways and workings of professional card counters. Remember, good card counting takes lots of practice and patience and you should try it at a casino at your own risk.