When blackjack was in the sole domain of the land casino, it was not an uncommon occurrence to see players make some of the weirdest game-play decisions that seemed as if they almost wanted to lose the hand. This was sometimes put down to superstition or habits of a lifetime. Much as it may sound strange, these kinds of actions could be understandable, simply because playing blackjack in a land

casino was like going into a war zone, and players needed all the luck and help from anywhere they could get it.

Thankfully, the development of online casinos has changed all that. Since the ability to play blackjack has become available to lovers of the game, it is now possible to play in the comfort and security of your own home, without the interference of others, especially those who believed that they could play a certain way that defied all the logic behind playing this basically simple game.

Nowadays the blackjack lover is a law only to himself, and any superstitions that they may have developed over the years should be left behind. Playing blackjack online means playing purely with logic and good sense. Where live blackjack was all about emotion and intervention, online blackjack is all about logic and strategy. And no less exciting.

The geniuses who developed the qiu qiu blackjack software have done so using algorithms and complicated mathematical equations. These equations have been programmed so that the house has an edge, but much less of an edge than a land casino. On the other hand, in a land casino where the dealer played with four or even six packs of cards in the shoe, there was always the possibility of hitting a tremendous run where the cards all fell in the players’ favour. As much as they were exciting, they were almost always very short lived.

That’s why playing online blackjack is safer and more subdued. And there is no need to bring our superstitions and lucky rabbit’s foot to the table.

Vary Your Blackjack Bets to Win

According to most statistics, players who win three hands out of five should be ahead, while players who lose three hands out of five would normally be running at a loss. That situation is generally true, as long as a player does not vary the size of their bets. There are various blackjack systems going around that advise players to vary the size of their bets constantly and by doing so that will increase the

odds in their favour over the long term. The system can work in many ways and over various sequences of card play. The most popular version will tell you that a player should decrease the size of their bets if they have won three hands in succession. It takes a lot of discipline to do such a thing, because instinct will tell a player that they are on a role and cannot be beaten. If they reduce the bet and win, they are indeed minimizing their profits. However if they reduce their bet and lose, they have increased their overall winning percentage considerably.

The wonderful advantage that online blackjack players enjoy of being able to keep track of all the hands that they have played gives them a tremendous opportunity to analyse their game play, how much they are behind or in front during a certain session. There have been incidents recorded in online casino play where a player has recovered from their losses with a single very large bet. While this kind of extreme play is far from recommended, it does give an indication of what can be achieved by varying bet values

Many players strive to develop and ascertain their own blackjack betting strategy, where varying bet size can play a vital part. Many of these players begin their studies by spending time playing as a guest. To them, this is the best way, and certainly the least expensive, to get the feel of how to use your stake money as a weapon against the house.