Regular readers of our blog will know that each month we feature a series of best practices around a given topic in Operations. Throughout February we’ll be featuring several cases on Ownership and Governance Structures. Given the wide range of functions and processes which Operations must oversee, as well as the number of business partners Operations must liaise with, we thought it would be interesting to highlight a series of cases on structuring and assigning ownership of responsibilities.

One case I really like that highlights this well is Puffin Financial’s Coordinated Experience Delivery Teams. There are a few practices that Puffin implements to help ensure continuity and ownership over multi-team projects:

When implementing a new project, Puffin Financial employs a “six pillar” philosophy to understand the project through six transversal customer experience pillars: People, Products, Advice, Service, Places, and Communication.
Puffin couples this philosophy with a hybrid governance approach. In addition to having Program Sponsors who provide centralized leadership for new projects across a business unit, Puffin also designates Pillar Sponsors who are in charge of the execution strategy for each of the six pillars mentioned above. Pillar Sponsors head a decentralized team which includes project managers as well as process and functional experts.