Are You Ready to Start Investing in finance Property?

here are a number of reasons why property investment is such a popular strategy, and many people set owning a rental property in the future as one of their main goals. If you have been considering property investment, answer these questions and see whether you are ready to delve into the profitable world of Brassica […]

6 Tips for a Flawless Fake

  Self tanning lotions today are nothing like those nasty products of the last century! Early adopters of Coppertone’s QT, the novel sunless “Quick Tanning Lotion” were eaily spotted back in the ’60s. Orange streaked skin was the price to pay for a sunless tan in the hippie era.   Fast forward to the 21st […]

Sunday: The keluaran hk Main Event

High stakes online play has dried up during the World Series of Poker – everywhere but on the iPoker Network that is. On Sunday, June 6th, the best online players will compete in the final event of the European Championship of Online Poker (keluaran hk). The game is a $1,580 No Limit Hold’em tournament with […]

Purple Lounge togel Singapore Under, Players’ Balances Unlikely to be Paid Back

After more than one month since Purple Lounge suddenly went off line, its parent company, Media Corporation, has announced that the site will not resume operation. The Board of Media Corp announced this week that all employees of Purple Lounge have been laid off, that the poker site’s assets will be liquidated. Players’ funds will […]

Man Sues Casino for Loaning Him Money

In my blog I make a point to discuss gambling responsibly and taking a personal responsibility for your habits and actions, so when I heard about this case I had to write about it. A Kentucky man is suing a casino in Indiana for loaning him money while he was drunk. Jimmy L. Vance was […]

Online Blackjack Casinos: Lucky Red Casino


Most online casinos cater to online slots for obvious reasons. Slots are the most popular casino games and they have an incredibly high house edge. Blackjack, on the other hand, has a low house edge that can be as low as 0.5% when the player sticks to perfect basic strategy. For that reason, slots are […]

Don’t be intimidated by card counting

Togel Online

A lot of blackjack players – even people who have been playing the game for a while – are intimidated by the idea of counting cards. They think that you have to be too smart or you have to be a mathematician or something. I blame it on Rain Man. That is the movie that […]

Learn To Count Cards In Blackjack

Using card counting is something that was traditional an unknown, less talked about and dangerous tactic for a player to use. In the old days of Las Vegas gambling, casinos that caught a player using the strategy usually banned them and taught them a lesson for trying to “steal” money from the casino. The real […]

Correctly Translated?

Holy Vible

Some who claim to be Christians say they cannot agree with every particular doctrine in the Bible because they are not certain that the Bible has been translated correctly. Mormons, for example, say they believe the Bible “insofar as it is correctly translated.” Then, they appeal to Ezekiel 37 as a “prophecy” of the book […]