October 25, 2008

Mad Love

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At its most profound, at its most “mad” (Breton) love is a total dissolution of ego, a total spiritual (there is no other word) fusion with the other as far away from violence and evil as it is possible to travel. Falling out of oneself into the other not even physically but purely empathically provides the ultimate sensation of being. What is the vehicle of communication here? Because it is not language, it is not even body language. Is it something else we cannot measure with any instrument apart from our body-mind? And achieving this most radical empathic depth/death of “mad love” is nothing less than ecstasy, an indescribable bliss, an inexpressible union with the other that sets out on a voyage into the abyss of being beyond self/other. Fused with each other and beyond each other, leaving language and even the body far behind. Only the word “love” is left over to describe it. And as for sex, that is a metaphor in comparison.

This text not only relates to Andre Breton’s obsession with mad love (amour fou) but also George Bataille’s notion that at a very deep level human beings  desire fusion with the other. Both ideas relate to Plato’s notion of  love (Platonic love).

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  1. I find this misnomer a disturbing trope. For as ‘madlove’goes with ‘badlove’ and there is language to defoine it, although that language lives in the world of “Cartland” n “Copper’ et al. there is a duplicity and a co-dependency hangin’ on the edges of ‘love’. the Zen flip is hatred, evil, duality. Breton lived in simplper times, when heterosexual love was the the domoinant paradigm.
    What of “lipstick dykes” “mardis gras”etc. the entire queer art scene would have been sublimated yrs ago.
    This (Breton ) stinks of modernist tradition, givinng no insight to the ‘other’ what so ever.
    as a ‘white heterosexualal male’ artist i find (Breton) to b totolly absurd in this case.
    of course the there is a language (literal, visual, political)try reading a dictionary

    Comment by Allen Ray Furlong — November 23, 2008 @ 5:39 am

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